Thursday, July 31, 2014

15 minutes

**Disclaimer:  If you're someone who gets frustrated because teachers have a summer break, this post isn't for you.  As always, comments that are not nice shall be removed.**

Fifteen more minutes left of July, as I start this blog post tonight.

It's July 31st and I am not too happy about this.

14 minutes.

"The summer's flown by!"  "I can't believe how fast it's gone!"  "It feels like we just got out of school!"

Yes, yes, yes, it's all true.  July will be done and the dreaded AUGUST will be here... 13 minutes.

My husband says AUGUST is like a swear word for teachers.  And he's right.  Whenever I drop something on my foot or get a papercut, I should yell "oh AUGUST!"  It has the same effect on my emotions as real swear words do.

12 minutes.

Why am I being so dramatic about it being the last month of summer?  I love my job.  This is the truth.  I love that everyday I get to sing, play piano, direct choirs, laugh, get hugs, and be with people I adore.  Then why am I so sad about it?

11 minutes.

I have had the most fantastic time being a stay-at-home mother.  I don't want to stop my new and wonderful adventure.  Thinking about not being around my sweet boy every minute of every day makes me tear up.  And I'm tearing up right now.

10 minutes.

9 minutes.  Yes, I just sat here for an entire minute not typing anything, just thinking about work and crying a little.

I need to embrace the positives.  I need to enjoy summer while I still have it.  

8 minutes.

Like today -- today was a great day.  I woke up with Jude to feed him, and shortly after we both went back to sleep for a while.  Then the three of us went out to run some errands.

7 minutes.

After the errands were done, we came home and I made lunch while Tom played with Jude.  Someone discovered his feet this week and Daddy joined in on the fun!!!  :)

6 minutes and thinking about how much I love my men.

This afternoon I went to Borealis to meet with Elise and discuss more about the book of Luke that we have been reading for confirmation (I'm her mentor).  I also stole some quiet moments just for me.

After that, I came home to find a fussy baby and a husband who insisted I leave the fussy baby with him and go to the country club for a fun night of painting with some girlfriends.

5 minutes.

I almost didn't go to the painting party, but I'm so glad I did -- we had so much fun!

Hollie and Julie working on their masterpieces!

4 minutes.

My finished painting!!

Now I'm sitting here thinking about the massive amounts of work August will require of us (stay tuned on this) and how painful it will be to go back to school when life holds so much MORE for me to care about at home.

3 minutes.

God, please give me the strength I need to love my students and remind me of how blessed I am to be their music teacher.  Thank you for giving me a job where I get to use my talents and share what I love best with adorable little people.

2 minutes.

I'm doing a lot of sitting here without typing.

1 minute.

Well, okay then, I guess time won't stop for me.  Goodbye July.  Hello, last month of summer.

I have to say much frustration as our school district has given all of us teachers in the past few months, I think we can all agree on something.  Our summer break RULES in Mason City.   It's so much better to go long in June and go back later in August.  We don't start until the 25th.  This, my friends, is AWESOME.

Cheers to 24 more days of summer...and making a new memory each one of those days!

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  1. I agree with so many things in you post! It's amazing how fast this time flies. I have been enjoying our lazy mornings of snuggling up in the chair watching Curious George. Although this teacher has already spent some time in the classroom in hopes to make August less stressful but that's what happens when you change jobs! Enjoy every minute with that beautiful boy! It goes so fast! Excited to see you guys in a few weeks!!