Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the good stuff

Sometimes life throws you a day with so many highs and lows, you can't help but get overwhelmed and cry a little bit.

Today was one of those days for me.

I'm not going to go into detail, because it's over and done.  Like our sin.  GOD is bigger than all the junk we deal with in this broken world.  Amen.  Here's to forgiveness.

So, tonight I will choose joy :) and unload my iPhone's camera roll and examine all the things I have encountered that have made me smile lately!  The GOOD STUFF.  Usually I sync my phone every few days to update my iPhoto, but I haven't done it for a while, so we're going to review some of last week's joys too.

Tom and I have discovered that iPhone definitely has an expiration date.  A year and a half is all we get with these devices.  We love them dearly and can't really imagine going back to the time without it (that's pathetic, sorry) but after that glowing 18 months, it's a real fight to keep iPhone alive.  Have any of you noticed this?  Things just stop working and all the things start falling apart.

Moving right along...

I steal 7 am cuddles with my boy almost every day.  Good morning, handsome heart-breaker.

This is my Elise.  I am mentoring her for confirmation and she is a delight.

Jude wouldn't go to bed last Wednesday, so he and Tom read Goodnight Moon.  And it was so cute.

This is my niece after she dressed herself one morning last week.  LOL!

On Saturday, Brett stopped over with Onika and Emerson.  Onika decided to sit outside on the front steps instead of coming into the house.

Sunday -- Jude's baptism day!  My cup overflows.

Sunday night -- Betty and the Gents jam session in the basement...Jude busted out his Paul McCartney left-handed bass guitar and joined us.  :)

Monday -- dinner at The Quarry with wonderful people to celebrate Angie's last round of CHEMO!  YAY!!!  Salmon, roasted potatoes, asparagus, pino noir.  Oh yum.

I realize that red wine generally doesn't "go with" salmon, but I love it so much more than white wine.  So, I am a wine rebel when I order chicken and fish.

This was Molly and Linda's scallops which they let me taste, and I shall order them next time.

Purple potatoes, how fun!


The lovely, brave guest of honor and her hubby.  So thankful for them.

My date :) 

Tom lights up in social situations -- he is a true butterfly.  We balance each other well, I think...I am a good homebody and treasure quiet moments, especially since Jude was born.  It's good to have a Social Motivator in the house.

This is what I found Tuesday, when I checked on Jude during morning naptime...  :)

Later on, his friend Reese came over to play while her mommy (my Kerri) had an appointment.  I think he sensed there was another baby around, because he was a total Mama's Boy the whole time :) 

I can't even.

I feel better.  You should try it -- look through your phone's photo album and smile.  It's fun.


Love, Betsy

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