Monday, June 30, 2014

"if friendship was money we be millionaires"

The weekend was one of those that I'll remember for a long time!

Jude is getting more and more fun every day.  We've been working hard at our tummy time.  I can just hear him saying, "Mama this is hard for a kid with a 90th percentile size head, cut me some slack!"  He's doing great and we are doing a few more minutes each day.  He always fusses after tummy time and a few times he has reached a point where he's hysterical.  My friend Angie gave us a good tip -- we have started using the support of a pillow to give him a slight incline.  It helps a LOT and there is much less crying!

On Saturday, our little family of three went to the absolutely beautiful wedding of Katie and Eli.  What a blessing it was to us.  Jude slept through the beginning of the wedding, and woke up during the first song, so he and I missed the rest of the ceremony.  After the wedding was done, we dropped him off at home and my parents came to sit with him so we could go to the reception!

Oh, the RECEPTION...

It was at the Music Man Square.  They had the head table and the guest tables set up in the streetscape, which was AWESOME--I had never seen this setup there before, and we've been to quite a few weddings there!  I love MMS and this was such a picturesque way to enjoy the wedding.  

We sat at the Betty and the Gents table.  :)

The lovely Garrett Girls!

The flowers were amazing!  Beautiful and fragrant.

Sweet little ice cream spoons!

Chocolate favors with cute little ribbon decorations...pardon my chicken carcass in the background...

We got a little silly during the speeches :)

Me with three of my dear former Stebens (Children's Theatre) kids: Hannah, Katie (the beautiful bride) and Lindsay.  I love these girls and I can't believe they're all grown up!


So much fun!

Then there were these three guys...LOL.

Sometimes band members just need to have some fun and not have to play music!  Betty and the Gents had a great time.  I loved that these three daddies got out on the floor and danced with the kids.

Sunday morning...
Little man loves Mommy and Daddy's bed!  

Almost every morning he wakes up and starts to squirm in his cradle, so I bring him in for some snuggle and doze time with us.  As soon as he hits the sheets in our bed, he is out like a light all over again.  My theory on why he loves our bed so much is because it's a soft comfy mattress that smells like Mommy, and he can stretch out on it after being in his little cradle all night.  Just one more thing to melt my heart.  Can't get enough of that little boy.

After we got up and ready it was time to lead worship at Trinity.  We were missing our Molly (keys) and Kevin (drum kit) so it was just Tom and me.  I played guitar and sang, and Tom played the cajon (ca-hone).  The cajon is a cool percussion instrument that is literally just a plywood box with a sound hole.  These things are great.

We really enjoyed the chance to scale things back a little and play acoustically for worship.  I feel like worship is sometimes the most meaningful when everything is stripped down and raw.

After church it was naptime for my men!

My family got together for lunch at Ruby Tuesday later on, where apparently we all ordered water and popcorn shrimp:

LOL!!  Maybe someone can explain this??  All of us except the kids had the Sunday brunch buffet!  Popcorn shrimp?!  We had a good laugh over it.

They all came over to the house for some relaxation, and so my sister could get her nephew fix.
 Mom and Anne with Jude


So, like the post title reads: "if friendship was money we be millionaires."  Pardon the bad grammar of those song lyrics, but I feel it was true for us this weekend and every day.  :)

Love, Betsy

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sweet Memories: the story of gestational diabetes

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…”

Raise your hand if anyone has ever said this to you. 

This story is a throwback to February, when I heard that phrase over the phone.  I was given the word that after drinking the horrible orange stuff and getting poked and prodded for hours (aka the “second round of glucose testing”), I indeed had the big, bad GESTATIONAL DIABETES.

Gestational diabetes means I had pregnancy-induced high blood sugar.  High blood sugar – doesn’t that sound better than “diabetes?” 

You see, kids, the word of the day EVERYDAY when you’re expecting is hormones.  People talk about the dang hormones all the time.   My pregnancy hormones were preventing the insulin in my body from doing its job.  If I didn’t pay attention to my blood sugar levels, it could lead to a high birth weight for baby, and increased risk of type 2 diabetes for both of us.

So not only were the hormones making me stress over ridiculous things, burst into tears at my husband’s harmless teasing, become extra-hot with anger at disrespectful students at school, wake up in the middle of the night drenched with sweat, and break out like a teenager…now I had to be diabetic. 

When I got the news that I’d failed my second glucose test, I had a horrific meltdown in the teachers’ lounge at school.  I was on the phone with a nurse from the OB clinic.  The poor lady probably thought I was a psychopath.  I cried “what on earth could I have done wrong??”  Seriously—I had been VERY careful with my pregnancy diet, especially during those couple weeks leading up to the glucose testing. 

Apparently “being careful with diet while you’re pregnant” has ZERO to do with gestational diabetes!!  Who knew?!

The nurse reassured me that I didn’t do anything wrong – it was simply my body’s reaction to pregnancy.  She also told me I’d have to meet with a dietitian and a physician who specializes in diabetic care. 

Dietitian?  So, now I have to think about food even more.  I am pretty well-versed in that topic.  I battled exercise addiction and anorexic tendencies 6 years ago.  I went through a very unhealthy phase, physically and mentally.

The last thing I wanted to do was go back to thinking about food all day long. 

I was so worked up that I left school and went home sick for the day. 

Looking back, that was pretty extreme and I should have just pulled on my big girl panties and dealt with things like a grown-up.  But I was a hot mess.  I just really, really hate the word fail.  I failed at something BIG and IMPORTANT, and there was nothing I could do about it!

I called my sister on the way home from school.  If you read the post about Jude’s birth story, you know that my older sister Anne is a very gifted family practice/OB doc.  She is AMAZING.  She told me everything would be okay…and she worked her “doctor magic.” 

Doctor Magic is THIS:  Not even five minutes after I hung up the phone with Anne, I got a call from Dr. Mark Johnson, a diabetes specialist here in Mason City.  Dr. Mark is a member of First Covenant Church where Tom and I are active on the worship team, and he and Anne have been good friends for years as he is a regular presenter at her hospital in Pella. 

All it took was for Mark to ask how I was doing and I started crying again.  He told me not to worry; he would “pull some strings” and take care of everything. 

Pull strings he did!  I hung up the phone with Dr. Mark, and ten minutes later the receptionist at his diabetes clinic called and told me to come in for an appointment at 2:00 that afternoon.  Wow.  The OB nurse had told me I’d have to wait at least a week to get in with Dr. Johnson, and here I was going in that same day.  Dr. Mark did indeed take care of everything.  In fact, he jumped through all the hoops for me so I wouldn’t have to do it. 

I have some pretty terrific people in my life.  A lot of them happen to be doctors.  

God bless doctors.

Tom assigned his study hall class to a few other teachers so he could come with me to my appointment.  The appointment was painless—I got my blood sugar checked, more blood drawn, and met with Dr. Mark, the dietitian and a nurse.  Everyone was so kind and friendly.  And, I have to admit that I learned a lot about food and how my body processes it.  I thought I had had a pretty good knowledge base about nutrition, but I actually had no idea about blood sugar!  Did you know that a glass of orange juice has the same amount of sugar as 4 or 5 oranges, and drinking it can make your blood sugar soar way above where it should be?  Carb counting is a lot different from other diets—the focus is not on fat and calories at all.  It’s about the amount of sugar in all foods, even the healthiest ones, and the combinations of carbs and proteins that you put into your body.  On Weight Watchers, it is permissible to eat large amounts of fruit because they have a zero point value.  However, with GD a serving of fruit may hold potential danger for my blood sugar UNLESS I pair it with a protein.  So an apple or banana all alone is a no-go.  An apple or HALF banana with peanut butter is fine.

Peanut butter is actually a “zero value” for carbs!  Awesome!!  In Weight Watchers, a single serving is like 5 points!!!  Same goes for avocados.  And cheese.  And BACON!!!  Cue the Bacon Angels!  Bacon Angels singing praises from heaven above!

So, yeah...the appointment lasted about three hours.  I left the clinic armed with a blood sugar meter, a lot of pamphlets, a food journal, and directions to check my sugar seven times a day.  I was to manage the high blood sugar with diet and exercise, and come back for a checkup in four weeks.  If my numbers were still high with a controlled, low-carb diet, we would have to discuss insulin injections and/or medication.

It was nearing supper time when we left, so we went to Pancheros.  I ordered a salad and measured the carbs: only one carb choice in that whole thing, and the one carb came in the black beans!   And I was able to have guacamole and cheese on the salad!

Maybe this carb counting thing wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Later on, though, I dumped all my new diabetes stuff out on the table, and started to cry.  It was overwhelming.  What if I forgot to take my blood sugar?  What if I forgot to write down what I ate?  What if I ate too much sugar on any given day and failed?  What if I ate the wrong things?

Again...I really hate the word FAIL.  And now the whole situation was giving me fear!  I hate fear!!  I’d had enough of it already, after miscarrying and worrying constantly about this baby.  And now there was something else to be scared of.

I felt like I needed to apologize to the tiny human kicking around inside of me.  I’m sorry, baby.  Your mother’s body is not taking care of you the way it should.  I prayed and prayed that he would be all right, and that my heart and mind would be protected from the evil that is disordered eating.

My team of doctors—Anne, Dr. Mark, Dr. LeDuc, and my good friend Dr. Chereen (Stroup) all reassured me that baby and I would be just fine as long as I was careful and followed the rules.  And really, the rules are NOT hard to follow as long as I remembered that if MY blood sugar went high, it meant that BABY’S blood sugar was high.  If I ate too much sugar, BABY’S system would be taking care of the damage done to my blood instead of my own system.  That alone was enough to help me follow the rules to a T.

My favorite things to eat while I had GDM were actually some of the things I love most anyway.  Avocados, Shaklee protein shakes made with almond milk, peanut butter, veggies, really wasn’t that bad.

I am actually thankful I had it.  Really.  I gained 24 pounds while I was pregnant.  After Jude was born I had 14 pounds still hanging on, but I didn't feel bad about my body (rather, I loved it more...see my Motherhood post for more on this).  I also didn’t have blood pressure issues or a single bit of swelling.  I learned the truth about sugar, which is something I'll always remember when choosing foods to eat.  I think GDM was just a unique blessing.  It was truly a small struggle that made both Jude and me stronger and healthier.

It wasn’t always a low-carb walk in the park, though.  Just for kicks and giggles one day, I made a list of sugary bad-for-you things that I missed eating during my bout with GDM.  This is pretty funny:

- grape laffy taffy (out of the picture forever anyway due to artificial color)

- sour patch kids (same story)

- mocha and latte drinks from Cabin Coffee and Jitters

- pizza.  The combination of ingredients on pizza is a blood sugar NIGHTMARE.

- berry mix from Hy Vee’s salad bar.  This one was heartbreaking.  I was allowed one serving, but do you know how SMALL one serving of fruit is?

- ice cream.  If you know me well, you know that concrete mixers with cookie dough from Culver's are my jam.  There were several times I actually cried because I couldn't have these after I got diagnosed.

- French toast with peanut butter and syrup.  Um.  Let’s talk about syrup for a second.  If pizza is a blood sugar nightmare, pancake syrup is a blood sugar DESTROYER.  One serving of syrup--1/4 cup--is 5 carb choices.  GDM patients are allowed 3 carb choices per meal!  So served with French toast, it would add up to 8 or 9 carb choices...more, if you like to eat breakfast like a normal person and have more than one serving of everything.  WHOA.

- chocolate.  Namely, Snickers.  The day we came home from the hospital with Jude, I discovered a Snickers in my kitchen, sang a song of thanksgiving and praise, and put the whole thing in my mouth.  Oops.  I still remember my sister-in-law Kelly laughing at that one.  :)

Wait a drinks and syrup come in sugar-free form.  "Couldn't you eat sugar free versions of those instead?"  Yes.  But I'm not a fan of putting artificial anything into my body.  Chemical food isn't food, people.  Our bodies weren't made to digest that kind of junk.  So sugar-free, fat-free, or processed not my cup 'o tea.

A million avocados, protein shakes and slices of cheese later, Jude was born on April 17th,  and he is now a spectacular 10 weeks old.  Gestational diabetes usually goes away when baby is born.  I didn’t check my sugar for 7 weeks after he was born, because I figured I’d have symptoms if my body was going to hang onto the diabetes.  I felt normal, so I didn’t worry about it.

My OB doc ordered me a follow-up glucose test at my 6-week postpartum checkup.  It was basically the same as the 3-hour second round test only it was 2 hours.  I'd have to fast for 12 hours, get my sugar tested, then drink that HORRIBLE TERRIBLE YUCKY GROSS orange drink, then get my blood sugar tested twice (once per hour for two hours) after that. 

I packed up my Jude on a weekday morning and we went in for the one last test.  I really didn’t mind going…I love the hospital in Mason City and I have really enjoyed all the people there.  Not all the procedures, of course.  But man, we are blessed with some really fantastic medical personnel here in town.

I forced down the HORRIBLE TERRIBLE YUCKY GROSS orange drink and found my seat in the lab waiting area.  At first I was fine, just rocking my sleeping boy and working on grad homework, no big deal.  After about 20 minutes I was SICK.   Like find-me-a-bucket-now sick.  I texted Anne and told her how I felt and she said, “well, go get someone and tell them you’re sick.”  I said “I don’t want to, because then I’ll have to come back and drink the stuff again.”  Seriously, it was worth fighting through in order to avoid having to drink it again.  So I took lots of deep breaths and distracted myself with baby Jude and some magazines.  There were a couple times I stood up and paced around the chairs to avoid tossing my cookies.  I made sure I knew where the trash cans were in case I needed one.

Lovely story, isn’t it?

Finally, finally, I got my sugar tested one last time, it was over, and I was allowed to have some water and food.  I think I drank about a gallon on my way home.

So do I still have diabetes?  No.  The tests all came back with low numbers and I am good to go.  I am at risk, and so is I’ll continue to be careful with my carb intake and get my blood sugar monitored at every yearly physical.  With the little man, he'll grow up eating lots of healthy things and have some sugar on special occasions.  Isn't that what all parents say?  LOL!

But do I have to give up concrete mixers forever?  NO!  HALLELUJAH!!!

 Have a happy and HEALTHY day, everyone!  Love, Betsy

Friday, June 27, 2014

Foto Friday

Oh heavens I am T.I.R.E.D.

Maybe that means it was a really good week.

Tom had basketball camp most of the week, and a class over at the AEA today.  We are ready for him to be home again! 

Here are a few moments from the week...

Jude and I went to the Infant/Toddler Story Hour at the library on Wednesday with some of my teacher friends and their babies!  It was so much fun!

 I was glad to see that the coffee shop was open...

 Story Time was so sweet...songs, dancing, stories, kids laughing.  I can't wait to bring Jude again.  He clearly had a blast...

After storytime, we all headed to the park for some playtime.  Here is Lara with her boy Liam...

 Heather with her baby girl Landry...

Left to Right:  Katie's daughter (who is also my rockstar Harding student) Brianna, Katie, baby Easton, and Easton's mommy Shelby

Jude was all tuckered out after our playdate.  Which he slept through.  :)  I love that little boy.

On Thursday, we went to St. Ansgar to visit my mom, who is hosting my niece Allie for a couple days at Camp Grandma.  :)

I passed Jude off to Grandma so Allie and I could work at the Play-Doh Cupcake Shop.

Allie is 3 years old and she is my mini-me.

Cousins!  We are missing my nephew Aren...can't wait to have them all together again soon.

Today was a routine day at home, followed by a visit to the Birth Center to see my friend Joslyn and her new baby boy Ashton Marshall!  I didn't take photos, but he is gorgeous and perfect.  I love seeing those tiny little babies, trying to remember what Jude looked like riding around in one of those glass cribs.

Jude did come along with me so he could meet his new friend, and had a rather embarrassing meltdown.  I think he sensed that baby circumcisions were happening nearby, and the memory of his own was just TOO MUCH to handle :)

Or maybe he was hungry.

We're looking forward to another beautiful June WEDDING tomorrow.  Have a great weekend, everyone!  


Thursday, June 26, 2014


My name is Elisabeth Leigh Kirby and I am a baby addict.

I am obsessed.

Today was a day that didn't help my addiction...

because today I got to add TWO precious names to my list.

My 2014 Baby List!

I've been gushing a lot about all my girlfriends that I got to experience pregnancy with.  The girls don't know this, but I have a running list in the notes section of my phone that looked like this:

______ Halverson
_______ Frein
_______ Foley

...the blanks, of course, are replaced with names once the babies are born!  Here is an updated list...what it looks like now:

Liam Joseph Kyle
Everett Arthur Dirksen
Easton John Halverson
Jude Thomas Kirby
Johnathan Michael Frein
Sawyer Anthony Troendle
Reese Jordan Foley
Emerson Josephine Bouska
*Ashton Marshall Stock* NEW TODAY!
*Hudson Kade Dorenkamp* NEW TODAY!

There are four more to go.

Don't my friends have excellent taste in names?  :)  I love looking at this list.

and this TEN-WEEK-OLD boy (I can't believe it) loves to hear the news whenever a new friend has arrived!

God bless you, dear mamas and sweet babies.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vino Vednesday: sweet, bitter and perfect


And a happy one it is.  Or was.  Loni and Shelby came over last night to help me out with the very first VV experience.  

Their baby boys are Jude's BFFs, so naturally they had to come too.  Everett (nearly 4 months) and Easton (3 months) came to play while the mamas had some fun tasting three white varieties.

Here are the boys--The Three Amigos!  And of course I forgot to get a picture of us three girls...

Here were our selections for the evening:

Relax Pinot Grigio, Cupcake Moscato d'Asti, New Age white.

 with some fruit, bread and cheese.

We poured the Asti first.

Just a few sips for this nursing mama!

It was VERY sweet.  Almost too sweet.  It was fizzy, so that helped take the edge off, but it was still sweet enough to make our teeth hurt a little bit.  On to the next...

Relax Pinot Grigio! 

We noticed right away that it tasted BITTER!  How sad!  Pinot Grigio is my favorite white variety.  We kept sipping anyway and tried some fruit and cheese with it.  It ended up tasting much better when we had gotten the sweetness from the Moscato off of our palates.  It was very smooth with the Havarti cheese.  I'll definitely try this one again and next time I won't be drinking Moscato right before.

Next, New Age.


This was outstanding!!  It was a little tart but not at all dry, with a little fizz...not too sweet!  I loved it.  Loni said they serve it at the Quarry which I was thrilled over--I will definitely order it when we go there for dinner sometime!  It tasted delicious with all the fruits and cheese.  I don't think anything could have made it taste bad.

So in other news...before the girls came over for Vino Vednesday,


Little man was watching us eat supper and hanging out on the couch with the assistance of the boppy pillow.  He was happy and smiling, then he got "The Look" (see the post entitled Backseat Blowout for more on "The Look").  I knew he'd done his business after a few seconds, but didn't think much of it since it had only been 3 days since his last -- as opposed to 6 days like the last big episode.

After I was done eating, I picked him up and noticed it was outside the diaper.  And on the boppy.  And on the COUCH, gross...and on his blanket.  I ran with him to his nursery and lo and behold, it got on ME.  Oh so disgusting!

I looked at the clock and saw that I had roughly 10 minutes to get him, the couch, and myself clean before the girls and babies arrived.  Crap.  (no pun intended)

I had baby-doo all over my shorts so I took them off.  I got Jude changed and cleaned up and over to his Daddy.  Then it was time to deal with the couch.

Rubber gloves, a sturdy sponge, and a spray bottle with my favorite miracle cleaning solution -- Shaklee Basic H:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Basic H.  This stuff is miraculous.  It's super-concentrated, all natural, fragrance free cleaning solution.  A few drops (yes, drops!) of this stuff into a 16 oz. spray bottle of water equals the best cleaner I've ever used, and it cleans EVERYTHING!  Windows, bathrooms, kitchens, wood floors, carpets, blood/grass/wine stains, and now microfiber couches!

More on Shaklee in another post.

So I sprayed the couch down and scrubbed like mad.  Keep in mind that I was pants-less at the time...and wearing rubber gloves...and scrubbing the cushions...
and of course after I was done, I noticed the blinds on our big living room windows were WIDE OPEN.

So much for my classy little wine party.  And modesty.

The mess came right out of the couch (I'm telling you, that Basic H...I have no words) and I threw on some sweatpants and welcomed my friends into my house.  

Motherhood is so glamorous.  

It is a huge blessing to have so many friends in the exact same boat as me right now.  We get each other.  Everything that has happened to me, has happened to them.  Thank you God for good friends and sweet babies!

Next week I want to sip on REDS.  I love, love love red wine.  Any takers??

Love, Betsy

Sunday, June 22, 2014

a good weekend.

Weekends are so much fun in the summer.  There is always something going on in Mason City!


We got to go visit Kerri and baby Reese!  Here they are...doesn't it look like Jude is protecting her?!  And they're holding hands...this was so adorable I was almost in tears over it!

I fully intend on using this in the future when they're preparing to go to prom together...

Just so much cute.  Look at that beautiful little girl's face.  I can't get over it!

We went to one of my favorite restaurants, The Quarry, to hang out with our friends Loni and Riley and baby Everett (a play date for Jude!).  Friday Night Live was going on in the nearby park, so we listened to the live music and had some of the famous tapas.  I LOVE this place...the food can't be beat and the atmosphere is beautiful and relaxing.  We ordered wings, artichoke feta dip, edamame, fried pickles, and mussels.  Amazing!

I left after an hour and hopped over to Trinity to sing for a wedding rehearsal.  Oh wait--first I realized I'd forgotten my guitar and iPad, so I went home to get them, THEN I went over to church.  On the way into the church I almost fell over in the parking lot because I was wearing heels.  I hadn't worn heels since Christmas.

Here are the dads cuddling the babies!

The rehearsal went quick--it was more like a sound check--and I went back to the Quarry.  
Here we are, the mamas with our boys!  

*Sidebar* Loni and Kerri's babies are both stars in this post.  I adore having so many girlfriends that currently have new babies or are expecting babies.  When we were all pregnant this winter, I had them over for a Pregnant Party.  We ate an embarrassingly huge amount of food, drank fruity mocktails and NA beer (which tasted like JUNK, yuck), watched Baby Mama, and talked about all things pregnancy and baby.  It was so fun.  Now, a lot of those babies have been born, and the rest of the gals still expecting are in their third trimesters!  I think we should have a big huge baby playdate to celebrate all these new little sweethearts... :)

Jude lasted until about 8:00 in the humidity and wind, and we headed home.  I love coming home early.  I love doing the "bedtime" routine with Jude.  It doesn't happen every night, but it is so precious and I am excited to make it routine as he gets older.  Bathtime, pajamas, nurse or pacifier, swaddle, bedtime story with Daddy, rock, and sleep.


Saturday was a BUSY day.  I was a little worried about trying to do everything with Jude's unpredictable schedule.  Luckily, Tom's folks came over and spent the day with us and that made it a million times easier to fit everything in.  I was able to shower AND do makeup and hair all before we left!  Hallelujah!

First stop: GREEK FEST.

 I look forward to Greek Fest every year.  It's like a holiday in Mason City!  It takes place in the parking lot of the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church.  There is music, dancing, AMAZING food, and a fun atmosphere.

I snapped a few pictures of the dancers.  I loved watching the kids dancing with them.  I was wishing I hadn't worn super uncomfortable flat shoes...the dancing looked like so much fun!

But the main event, ALWAYS, no matter what, is ...


First:  my staples, Spanakopita and Dolmathes.  I could have eaten more and more boxes of dolmathes.  Oh they are so good.  They are grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice, covered in lemon cream sauce.  Spanakopita is a phyllo dough/spinach/feta creation...mmm.  They were both perfect and FRESH.

Next: Tiropita!  These are phyllo and cheese triangles.  They're one of Tom's favorites and they were delicious.

Third:  Baklava sundae!  I was starting to feel very rotund at this point so I think I managed a couple bites.

Finished off with an authentic Greek diet pepsi.  LOL.

It was so hot outside.
Jude's pants didn't stand a chance.

We decided to head home after realizing it wasn't much cooler in the shade.

Next on the agenda was the WEDDING!

I love hearing our talented music director, Kim, play piano.  It makes the waiting time before the wedding starts, go much faster.

The memories of our own wedding come flooding back whenever I do a Trinity wedding.  This church is so beautiful.

After the wedding it was time for Tom and me to head over to Clear Lake for date night with our friends Adam and Kati, and a few more of their buddies that were back in the area.  We went to Sips for some food and a drink on the patio, then over to Lake Time Brewery.

I only took two pictures during our date night.  Here is the first:

Tom and I ordered a flight.  Since I'm nursing, I'm only comfortable with a few sips here and there, so this was absolutely perfect...I could taste four different beers and share with Tom.  I don't remember all the names of these, but I liked the one second from the right the best.  That one was called "Rusty Rudder" and it was a brown ale.

So then THIS happened.  No, I didn't drink the entire 4 oz of porter all by myself.  I did, however, DROP THE GLASS AND SPILL IT ALL OVER.  It was all over me, all over the table, and all over Adam's friend Matt whom I had just met.  And this is coming from the person who can only have a little bit to drink!

People shouldn't go places with me.  Seriously.

We came home to this.  :)  Back in his cradle, of course.  The crib will happen eventually...but this is just too precious.


Today I had the rare treat of playing in the worship band at Covenant WITHOUT a single bit of my singing voice in the mic.  I used to play bass there all the time, but I've been worship leading for the past couple years which means it's either guitar or piano with a microphone for me.  Today I got to be a part of the rhythm section again and it was so much fun.  It was nice to not have to sing.  I love leading, but I also love to be a part of the fabric once in a while.  It was fun. 

My parents came over in the afternoon and helped us clean up the house for another SHOWING...maybe this one will be "the one?"  I AM SO HOPEFUL.  We've had a ton of showings ever since Jude was born...and it's time and a half for one of these potential buyers to be a real buyer.

Mom and Dad had to get some cuddle and smile time with little man, naturally.  Jude just loves my mom.  It's so sweet.  :)

Have a wonderful week, everyone!  Since it's Monday, which is Man Candy Monday, I'll leave you with this...

This was taken during our honeymoon, before we went to the Cubs game.  I just think he looks really hot in this picture.

Love, Betsy