Monday, June 30, 2014

"if friendship was money we be millionaires"

The weekend was one of those that I'll remember for a long time!

Jude is getting more and more fun every day.  We've been working hard at our tummy time.  I can just hear him saying, "Mama this is hard for a kid with a 90th percentile size head, cut me some slack!"  He's doing great and we are doing a few more minutes each day.  He always fusses after tummy time and a few times he has reached a point where he's hysterical.  My friend Angie gave us a good tip -- we have started using the support of a pillow to give him a slight incline.  It helps a LOT and there is much less crying!

On Saturday, our little family of three went to the absolutely beautiful wedding of Katie and Eli.  What a blessing it was to us.  Jude slept through the beginning of the wedding, and woke up during the first song, so he and I missed the rest of the ceremony.  After the wedding was done, we dropped him off at home and my parents came to sit with him so we could go to the reception!

Oh, the RECEPTION...

It was at the Music Man Square.  They had the head table and the guest tables set up in the streetscape, which was AWESOME--I had never seen this setup there before, and we've been to quite a few weddings there!  I love MMS and this was such a picturesque way to enjoy the wedding.  

We sat at the Betty and the Gents table.  :)

The lovely Garrett Girls!

The flowers were amazing!  Beautiful and fragrant.

Sweet little ice cream spoons!

Chocolate favors with cute little ribbon decorations...pardon my chicken carcass in the background...

We got a little silly during the speeches :)

Me with three of my dear former Stebens (Children's Theatre) kids: Hannah, Katie (the beautiful bride) and Lindsay.  I love these girls and I can't believe they're all grown up!


So much fun!

Then there were these three guys...LOL.

Sometimes band members just need to have some fun and not have to play music!  Betty and the Gents had a great time.  I loved that these three daddies got out on the floor and danced with the kids.

Sunday morning...
Little man loves Mommy and Daddy's bed!  

Almost every morning he wakes up and starts to squirm in his cradle, so I bring him in for some snuggle and doze time with us.  As soon as he hits the sheets in our bed, he is out like a light all over again.  My theory on why he loves our bed so much is because it's a soft comfy mattress that smells like Mommy, and he can stretch out on it after being in his little cradle all night.  Just one more thing to melt my heart.  Can't get enough of that little boy.

After we got up and ready it was time to lead worship at Trinity.  We were missing our Molly (keys) and Kevin (drum kit) so it was just Tom and me.  I played guitar and sang, and Tom played the cajon (ca-hone).  The cajon is a cool percussion instrument that is literally just a plywood box with a sound hole.  These things are great.

We really enjoyed the chance to scale things back a little and play acoustically for worship.  I feel like worship is sometimes the most meaningful when everything is stripped down and raw.

After church it was naptime for my men!

My family got together for lunch at Ruby Tuesday later on, where apparently we all ordered water and popcorn shrimp:

LOL!!  Maybe someone can explain this??  All of us except the kids had the Sunday brunch buffet!  Popcorn shrimp?!  We had a good laugh over it.

They all came over to the house for some relaxation, and so my sister could get her nephew fix.
 Mom and Anne with Jude


So, like the post title reads: "if friendship was money we be millionaires."  Pardon the bad grammar of those song lyrics, but I feel it was true for us this weekend and every day.  :)

Love, Betsy

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