Monday, June 2, 2014

a new project

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Our Little Kirby World.  :)

This is exciting!  I've always wanted to write a real blog!  

Do you remember MySpace?  MySpace was my first social media experience, and one of my favorite features of MySpace was the blog.  I loved writing about whatever came to mind.  I wrote to no one in myself, I guess?  I loved writing, mostly to preserve precious memories, but also for entertainment and reflection.  It can really be a treasured time of the day, to sit and think, and just let your mind spill out through written words.  

The best part of a blog, I think, is that it is just like a handwritten journal, but it can be shared with others.  And most importantly, it is fun.  For a person who loves to talk, loves to write, and loves to share life, it just makes sense!

So, who am I?  My name is Betsy.  I am 32 years old and I am married to my best friend Tom.  We have been married for almost two years.  

Being married to your favorite person is AMAZING.  Tom and I love to do life together!

He and I are both teachers--I teach general music/chorus in K-6, he teaches math to 7th graders.  He also coaches the varsity girls' basketball team.  

Almost seven weeks ago, Tom and were blessed with the birth of our baby son, Jude.  Isn't he to die for???

(photo credit: the very talented Jeanne

My husband and son are my most precious gifts, and living proof of God's love and grace.  Being a wife and mother is the absolute best...when I am home with the two of them, my world is just right.  It's our little Kirby world.  :)

So back to this whole blog thing.  You know how most blogs have a well-organized theme?  That doesn't really fit me very well, so I'm thinking about being random.  I'm going to write about whatever strikes my fancy on any particular day.  

I love my husband and son.  You'll read about them a lot.  We love'll definitely read about our faith.  We love food and you'll see that as well.  We fill our days with a lot of music on the blog is inevitable!  I really just want to write things about what we do and hope that you might want to read it.  :)

So, here we go.  Come along with us!

Love, Betsy


  1. Oh, YAY! I just love blogs! And we love the Kirbys! Can't wait to follow you. Angie

  2. Betsy, I'm so looking forward to this and I can't wait to hear about your awesome new adventures!