Sunday, June 15, 2014

a follow-up

I just posted "comparisons."  I'd been working on it for a few days.

Now I need to get back to my lighthearted nature and share about how great the weekend was... maybe it was exactly what I needed to feel that emotional weight lift off my shoulders?  Life is really good.  I'll show you why.

These. FACES!  My son is the master of expression.  We call this "Le Tigre," or "Blue Steel."  It's not quite "Magnum" yet, because you gotta tame the beast before you let it out of the cage.

Anyone?  Zoolander?....

I captured those faces on the way to Calmar (Tom's hometown) on Thursday afternoon.  We went over to share with his family in the celebration of a dear friend's life. Marilyn was a beautiful person with an electric smile and kind, loving heart.  She was a friend of Tom's folks and we attended one of the most uplifting visitations I've ever been to.  We were sad, of course, but I left feeling encouraged.  She is with Jesus now and I'm sure her smile is bigger than ever.  :)

I don't think there is anything cuter than babies wearing overalls.  We were blessed with TONS of hand-me-down baby boy clothes (thank you Angie and Jeanne!) and this is one of our favorites.  It's still pretty big for him but I couldn't resist.

Friday -- we had our first summer lunch at the Clear Lake seawall!  This is something Tom and I have done for a few years and we couldn't wait to bring Jude along.  The weather was perfect and so was he...and I love that picture of him with his daddy in shades.  Those sunglasses were a gift from my friend Lara and her baby boy Liam who came for a visit on Thursday!  :)

Friday night was so much fun.  An impromptu BBQ turned Betty and the Gents jam session at Chereen and Brian Stroup's home!

It was perfect.  We missed Brett but he's lounging by the pool in Arizona...I don't think he misses us :)

Selfie with my special friend Marty...LOL

Baby Jude did so well at the BBQ.  He cuddled with Mommy's friends, expired at 9:30 (this baby is clockwork!), and came home to a bath and the CUTEST pajamas I've ever seen...complete with a hat!  :)  Thank you Grandma Neerhof for the PJs!

Saturday -- Tom had a basketball tournament, where he coached some of our Mohawk girls.  Jude sat with Grandma Kirby and took a nap during the game.  Even with the NIACC buzzer which is comparable to a million air horns being played by a group of stampeding wildebeests.  What a little champ.

Grandma and Grandpa Kirby stayed for the rest of the day and babysat Jude that evening so we could have a date night!  Dinner at the Quarry with friends (again, impromptu -- so fun, thanks Knolls, Lathams and Mr. Pang!) followed by the 40th birthday celebration of our beautiful friend Carol!

with my friends Deidra and Carol - the birthday girl!

The party was at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Park Inn Hotel.  I LOOOOVE that place and I get so excited whenever we have a chance to go.

Nothing better than good friends and tons of laughter.  

THIS is why I'm feeling like myself again.  Laugher is therapy.  So is a good conversation.

Kim's famous SELFIE SHOT - look at Jeremy.  LOL

With Angie, one of my favorite girls EVER!

We came home smiling and refreshed.  I cherish those friends and the time was short (I missed my sweet baby) but so, so good.

Sunday -- more basketball!  Tom and Coach Curt Klaahsen (our Mohawk girls' head coach and Tom's coaching partner) went head-to-head today on the court.  Tom's team lost, but he thought he won for jumping around and yelling like a crazyperson.  I was there, and I concur.

Coach Klaahsen and Coach Kirby plus a tiny good-luck charm!

Tom and Jude got to snuggle post-game and watch the Cubs...

...and Jude gave Tom his Father's Day gift.  Some of our favorite photos of the two of them.

Today was one of those days -- they're becoming rare, thank goodness -- where we had a long fussy spell.  He gets tired and CRAAAAANKY which leads to screaming fits.  For these moments, we love our SwaddleMe swaddler.  This thing is like a velcro straight-jacket for babies and is absolutely miraculous.  Jude loves it.  He is almost always instantly calm when we put him in this.

After a much-needed nap...:)

Tom shouldn't have had to cook dinner tonight, since it's Father's Day and all, but he did.  I love that guy.  We enjoyed dinner alongside a third or so of "The Great Gatsby."

I hope you all had a happy Father's Day.  I loved seeing all the pictures of dads on Facebook today.  Dads are pretty amazing.  Including the one I have.  

Have a great week.  Remember, comparison is the thief of joy...treasure the person you are and choose the joy!

One more picture... father, like son...

Love, Betsy

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  1. It was so fun to see you guys out. and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Well done. keep it going!