Thursday, June 26, 2014


My name is Elisabeth Leigh Kirby and I am a baby addict.

I am obsessed.

Today was a day that didn't help my addiction...

because today I got to add TWO precious names to my list.

My 2014 Baby List!

I've been gushing a lot about all my girlfriends that I got to experience pregnancy with.  The girls don't know this, but I have a running list in the notes section of my phone that looked like this:

______ Halverson
_______ Frein
_______ Foley

...the blanks, of course, are replaced with names once the babies are born!  Here is an updated list...what it looks like now:

Liam Joseph Kyle
Everett Arthur Dirksen
Easton John Halverson
Jude Thomas Kirby
Johnathan Michael Frein
Sawyer Anthony Troendle
Reese Jordan Foley
Emerson Josephine Bouska
*Ashton Marshall Stock* NEW TODAY!
*Hudson Kade Dorenkamp* NEW TODAY!

There are four more to go.

Don't my friends have excellent taste in names?  :)  I love looking at this list.

and this TEN-WEEK-OLD boy (I can't believe it) loves to hear the news whenever a new friend has arrived!

God bless you, dear mamas and sweet babies.