Friday, June 27, 2014

Foto Friday

Oh heavens I am T.I.R.E.D.

Maybe that means it was a really good week.

Tom had basketball camp most of the week, and a class over at the AEA today.  We are ready for him to be home again! 

Here are a few moments from the week...

Jude and I went to the Infant/Toddler Story Hour at the library on Wednesday with some of my teacher friends and their babies!  It was so much fun!

 I was glad to see that the coffee shop was open...

 Story Time was so sweet...songs, dancing, stories, kids laughing.  I can't wait to bring Jude again.  He clearly had a blast...

After storytime, we all headed to the park for some playtime.  Here is Lara with her boy Liam...

 Heather with her baby girl Landry...

Left to Right:  Katie's daughter (who is also my rockstar Harding student) Brianna, Katie, baby Easton, and Easton's mommy Shelby

Jude was all tuckered out after our playdate.  Which he slept through.  :)  I love that little boy.

On Thursday, we went to St. Ansgar to visit my mom, who is hosting my niece Allie for a couple days at Camp Grandma.  :)

I passed Jude off to Grandma so Allie and I could work at the Play-Doh Cupcake Shop.

Allie is 3 years old and she is my mini-me.

Cousins!  We are missing my nephew Aren...can't wait to have them all together again soon.

Today was a routine day at home, followed by a visit to the Birth Center to see my friend Joslyn and her new baby boy Ashton Marshall!  I didn't take photos, but he is gorgeous and perfect.  I love seeing those tiny little babies, trying to remember what Jude looked like riding around in one of those glass cribs.

Jude did come along with me so he could meet his new friend, and had a rather embarrassing meltdown.  I think he sensed that baby circumcisions were happening nearby, and the memory of his own was just TOO MUCH to handle :)

Or maybe he was hungry.

We're looking forward to another beautiful June WEDDING tomorrow.  Have a great weekend, everyone!  


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