Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday JOY!

It was a great day.  

Jude woke up at 6, but went back to sleep from 7:30-10.  I happily joined him for morning naptime.  I was exhausted after working into the night on my grad assignments.  

My dad stopped by to visit for a few minutes (he and Mom live in St. Ansgar, but Dad works here in town, so it's easy for him to stop over) and baby boy was all smiles for Grandpa.

I ate bacon today.  Organic, farm-raised, thick cut, slightly was awesome.  I'm a dork for sharing that.  But bacon doesn't happen that often around here, so it was super exciting for me.

I got to take a shower, blow out my hair, AND put on makeup.  I have my son to thank for that -- he took a good afternoon nap.  I can't remember the last time I actually spent quality time on my hair.  It was such a luxury.

I celebrated with the teachers from Harding on their last day of school with kids.  We hung out in a beautiful backyard setting and listened to our annual Reading of the Minutes, which is a Harding tradition.  I missed everyone so much.  It was especially fun to see my two friends Shelby and Lara.  We are the new mommies of the year at school -- and we all had boys!  Lara's son Liam arrived in January, Shelby's boy Easton was born in March, and my Jude came along in April.  I had so much fun with these two as we all got to be pregnant together and share in the joy of having little boys.  We are going to set up some playdates and Mommy dates very soon!

After I left the Harding party, it was time to go visit Kerri, Nick and baby REESE at the hospital!

We love Nick and Kerri so much.  It was amazing to see them with their sweet little girl...Reese Jordan is beautiful, tiny and perfect!  I was so thrilled that she and Jude got to meet and we could catch up with all of them after their birth experience.  I made Kerri start from the beginning and tell us everything.  Doesn't Jude look huge in the picture above?!!  

There is really NOTHING cuter than husbands cuddling babies.  These daddies are so proud!

Jude got a treat!  Mommy is going to steal it!  Sorry baby.

We stayed at the hospital until past ten.  I finished the night by working on and submitting an assignment for class.  My bed is calling my name!!

Goodnight all!

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