Monday, July 7, 2014

One step closer.

One step closer to being a "master teacher." 

I worked nearly all day on my assignments for my two classes...I say "all day," but I think it just felt like it was all day.  I did work a lot, but my day didn't involve being trapped behind my computer, thank goodness.  It involved taking care of Jude, spending some time singing with my stage daughters and hanging out with my friend (their beautiful mama), and praising my husband over and over for the wonderful HELP he provided all day long...including taking part in one of my assignments--this was so fun.

My technology class requires me to complete a long list of assignments.  Each one is worth a small number of points and doesn't take too long to complete.  With each assignment I learn how to involve some sort of technology into my classroom.  I've complained about it a lot but I think it will be worth all the work after the class is over.

One of today's assignments was to incorporate the use of digital photography in the classroom.  HOW FUN.  I was wishing I had my active, live classroom today so I could do a real activity with the kids!  

Since I didn't have a group of 25 8-year-olds at my disposal today, guess who got to be the star student?  LITTLE TOMMY KIRBY!  (and baby Jude) :)

Today's activity was first grade level: I Can draw a treble clef!  Little Tommy did such a good job writing his name on his paper, as well as
drawing the parts of the clef correctly...

and being overall an awesome student!  UGH please ignore the coffee table clutter in these pictures!  How does this happen on a daily basis when we put things away every night?!  Something tells me it'll only get worse as Jude grows older...

The project was not about the music lesson--drawing treble clefs is not in our curriculum--it was actually all about the way I used digital photography in a way that would directly involve students.  We were required to use an editing program, and I used Picasa.  I haven't used Picasa in several years and I'm really pleased with the updates!  And it's a Google program, so it is SUPER EASY to use alongside the blog.  Hurray!

Back to why my husband is so awesome.  Today he helped with the little man whenever I needed it.  He also cooked supper and did the dishes while I worked on my assignments.  Um.....I don't know if anything is sexier than that.  Man Candy Monday indeed.

Love, Betsy

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