Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the 4th :) and grad school :(

We're playing catch-up!  I can't leave the past weekend just sitting around in my memory.  It was too good.  Great times and great people.

But first, a quick sidebar.

I have felt like burying my head in the sand lately because of my grad classes and all the work I've had to do.  SO many assignments.  Taking two classes with a newborn was a huge mistake...I do not recommend ever doing that.  My classes started up when Jude was 4 weeks old.  What happened over the course of my classes was procrastination...and then all of the sudden, the last week of class arrived and I needed to BUST MY BUTT to get everything done.

My butt has been busted.  No, I think it's actually been permanently fused to my couch.  My laptop has burned a hole in my lap and my eyes are glazed over from computer screen overload.  Whenever Jude is sleeping I am constantly typing, reading, revising, and starting a new project to start typing, reading and revising all over again.  And the light is finally at the end of the long, dark tunnel.

I never thought I would get my Master's degree.  It's actually pretty surprising to me that I'm almost done.  School was never my thing.  I LOVED certain things about, of course, and art were where I thrived.  German class was a blast and PE was a lot of fun.  Science, ehhhh...English, ehhh... not my favorites but whatever.  I survived.

Then there was math.  I still have nightmares about high school math.  And that's all I have to say about that.

I squeaked through math, graduated from high school, and never looked at another math problem again.  Hallelujah.  

And then I married a math teacher.  How about that.

I knew I'd be a musician someday, ever since I was little.  My career is essentially a blend of my parents' careers and and teaching.  It was meant to be!

I decided to get my Master's degree when a bunch of friends were doing it and I didn't want to be left out.  Seriously, that's why I decided to start.  I also liked the idea of a bigger paycheck.

It hasn't been a terrible ride.  I have learned a lot and I've taken some really excellent classes.  But I am ready and a half for it to be DONE.  And in less than a year, it will be.  These two classes will be done on Saturday.  

And after I turn in my last assignment, I shall have chocolate cake and wine.

So, let's re-cap the 4th!  IT WAS SO FUN!

On Thursday the 3rd, Tom and I packed up the little man and we all headed over to the annual 3rd of July party at our friends Tanya and John Rowe's house.  We had such a nice time.  I had some good conversation with some gals and Jude got spoiled by a lot of people.  The kids were running around playing beanbags, shooting hoops, eating slushies and having a fabulous time in the yard.  It was a PERFECT atmosphere.  

I love being in the stage of life where having tons of kids running around and one tiny kid in your arms just feels right.  The 30s definitely kick the 20s right out of the park.

We watched the fireworks from Matt and Angie's house, which is very close to the "launching pad."  The fireworks proved to be a little loud for me so Jude and I enjoyed the festivities from inside.  He was so exhausted that he didn't wake up at all...just twitched a little bit during the finale!

We are so lucky.  He is a GREAT sleeper.

On the actual 4th we were excited to head to the quad cities for a family reunion!  My dad's sister's family--my dear Aunt Jana and Uncle Ken and cousins--are there and we got to spend the long weekend with them.  I adore my cousins so much.  They were born when I was a little girl and ever since then, they've been the apples of my eye.  Now that we are all adults, we have a lot in common and we have a ton of fun together.

Clockwise from left: my sister Anne (in purple), Kaity, Kara, Kristen, me, and Kellen

My cousin Kaity is one of the girls on my baby list--she and I got to be pregnant together, which was super fun.  Every time I got a text or call from her during our waiting time, my heart would skip a little bit.  She and her husband Morgan welcomed their adorable Sawyer into the world just three weeks after Jude was born.  He and Jude are BFFs, naturally...

Aren't they adorable?!

Here are my nephew and niece with Kaity and Morgan's oldest, Brodyn--who is just about the cutest little boy you will EVER MEET:

Here's the whole crew together.  Jude is in the bumbo seat and Sawyer is all swaddled up!  Love it!  Cuteness overload.

I was able to leave my little boy for an hour or two on Saturday to go shopping with my mom, aunt, sister and cousins, which was very refreshing and fun.  I picked out a bunch of new clothes--yay!  I haven't been clothes-shopping for myself since last summer (not counting maternity shopping).  I found a lot of new jewelry and some very fun tops at Charming Charlie, and two more tops at Banana Republic.  I told Tom that we need to have a date night soon so I can wear my new stuff.  :)

Tom, Jude and I stayed an extra night at my aunt and uncle's house after everyone else left, which allowed us to steal some time just talking and hanging out with them and my youngest cousin Kellen.  He and Tom played video games and Aunt Jana and I chatted.  Such sweet family time.  I wish we could go back THIS weekend!!

Here's the whole crew.  So happy.

Our four-generation picture with my dad and beautiful Grandma:

And some outtakes.  LOL.
 Brodyn has the photobomb thing down!

and here's my dad bribing the kids with M&Ms so we'd get at least one good picture...

There is nothing sweeter, and more fun, and FUNNIER than family!

I hope you all had a very happy 4th of July!

Love, Betsy

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