Saturday, July 12, 2014

I promise.

My sweet baby on loan from above,
No better treasure could I more love.
I stand here beside your bed as I pray,
I lay my hand on your head and I say:

May you grow up to serve Him
all of your days,
May He lead you and guide you
in all of your ways,
May his Hand bless your future 
with friendships that last,
May you cherish your youth and
not grow up too fast.

I stare in wonder at your tiny frame
Just to think that God knows you by name.
He knows every hair on your beautiful head,
He knows your thoughts before they are said.
(Rachel Aldous, "A Mother's Prayer")

I'm sitting in my living room in the same exact place that I sat the night before Jude was born 12 weeks ago, and I am blinking back tears.  

Jude's baptism is tomorrow.  I can't wait for us to have that special time to surround our boy, watch the water pour over his head, and make a commitment to raise him to love and obey the Lord.  

We spent some time at my parents' house tonight and my sister, Austin and the kids were there.  Anne said to Jude, "Tomorrow is about you, but mostly about your mommy and daddy."

I agree.  Jude will be baptized with water, but it is OUR obedience, OUR teaching and OUR promise that will bring him to Jesus.  And when he is old enough to understand what Jesus did for us, we will pray with him to receive God's grace.  We will commune.  We will rejoice and we will LIVE!

We are so honored that we were chosen to love this little soul.

I put Jude to bed tonight and the lyrics of that song, and the song below just kept running through my head.  I can't believe how much I love this little person.

I watch beside your cradle,
Your face touched by the moon,
My heart just aches and trembles with all my love for you
Your eyes shine like your father's,
That nose looks just like me,
I stare in awe and wonder at such a mystery...

How God can touch the love of a man and wife,
and blossom it into the breath of life,
Just look at this life!

Our eyes are filled with dreaming
We want so much for you,
But we might fail you often before your life is through.

Only your heavenly Father
Can hear your every prayer
When we are just a memory, your Lord will still be there

So on our knees, we pray this cradle song
That you'll always know the Lord will keep you strong.

We want you to understand
You rest in His loving hands
For you are Jesus' little lamb.
(Sandi Patty, "Cradle Song")

All photos by Jeanne

Tomorrow is going to be a joyous day and we get to share it with our families and closest friends.  I need to sleep...the sooner I fall asleep, the sooner it will be baptism day!


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