Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oh, hi

Remember that time I whined about it being the last day in July?

Now it's August 6th and ...yeah.  No blogging happening.

There's a lot of stuff going on, too much to write at the moment actually, so here are some photos just to give somewhat of an update.

(More detailed updates to come at a later date)

(No, we're not pregnant again)

(If we were I would cry for a few days)

So, Jude...

is 16 weeks old!  Wow.

Smiling, laughing (thee cutest thing I've ever experienced!!), grabbing his feet, putting lots of things in his mouth, rolling from tummy to back, growing like a WEED.

He is sleeping in his crib (yes. yes. yes.) for 8-9 hours each night (YESSSS!!!).  He still steals morning snuggles with us and as you can tell, absolutely loves our bed.  :)

For crib sleeping, he wears these insanely cute sleep-sacks!  Our favorite one looks like peas!

These things are miraculous and have allowed our little man to sleep soundly...they help cut down on the startle reflex, they keep him warm and I think it emulates an enclosed space...keeps his world from getting to big and overwhelming.  The first couple nights in the crib were a raging failure because we didn't use the sleep-sack.

I love you, sleep-sack.

 How much fun are FEET?  How much longer until he can fit them in his mouth?!

We visited Jude's daycare today.  When school begins, he will be going to Millie Godfrey's house each day and we couldn't be happier about this.  Millie is AMAZING and we feel so, so blessed by her.  He will be with his best friends Onika and Emerson, plus the two adorable girls we met's an understatement that he will be loved and loved and loved.  He will learn how to pray before mealtime, he will be read to, he will play with toys, he will follow a routine, and he will learn how to treat people nicely.  I don't think we could ask for anything better.  Everyone we have spoken to about Millie calls her "magical."  I would have to agree with that.

I'm struggling with going back to work and not being with him all day--I feel sad.  But, since Millie is so fabulous, my sadness won't last long.  Plus I feel ZERO guilt for being a full-time working mommy.  After visiting Millie's house today, I'm actually excited for him.  He will have a lot of fun and he will be in the very best hands!

This is him after our visit.  Wiped OUT.

I'm expecting to have many tough and tearful moments, I will carry a few of these sweet pictures with me on my phone for when I need a peek at his sweetness.

He has become an expert cuddler, especially after his naps.  I am obsessed with shoulder cuddles.  When he is a difficult adolescent I shall show him this photo and remind him of how much he adores me.  Muaaahahahahaa.

Now for an awkward change of subject.  
We went to Menards a couple days ago.
Whenever I go to Menards I stop and look at THIS display of potato chips:

Um.  Let's count the "flavors," shall we?  Baby back ribs.  Kansas City BBQ.  Creamy dill (how can a chip taste creamy?).  Loaded baked potato.  Hot sauce.

And the mother of them all:


Shut the front door.

Can America be any more embarrassing?  I really do not think so.

That's all for now!  Stay tuned, though.  I think I'll probably have more interesting things to write about soon.  Who knows, Menards may start carrying more varieties of condiment-flavored chips.  I'm holding out for hot dog flavor.


Love, Betsy

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