Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Most Dreaded Evening

My most dreaded evening has arrived.

Okay, I need to stop being so dramatic.  I'm not dreading anything.

But it's definitely making me a little weepy.  Tomorrow morning, Tom will drop Jude off at Millie's for his first full day of day care!  :)  I have an appointment at the Family Dentistry Dental Spa (I actually love going to the dentist) and then both of us will be working at our schools for our first workday of the new school year.

What's the date today, the 19th?  Goodness!  It's been crazy around here!

First of all, an update:  the tiniest love of my life is FOUR MONTHS OLD!

LOVES:  his Daddy, the floor gym, taking naps on mom and dad's bed, hearing funny noises, his cousins, smiling at anyone and everyone

HATES:  Mommy's high notes.  LOL!  When we were on vacation last week, I was playing hair salon with my niece.  I had the Sound of Music soundtrack playing and we were singing along with "Do Re Mi."  I hit the B-flat at the end and Jude, who was sitting nearby in his bouncy seat, FREAKED OUT.  HA!  I was surprised because he handled my singing just fine when he was 6 weeks old.  Maybe their hearing gets better as they grow?!  Who knows.

Vacation!  I can't wait to tell you about our vacation!  We made our second annual trip to a beautiful Minnesota resort with my family last week.  Dickerson's Lake Florida Resort, in the Spicer/New London area.  We had a great time.

We were there with my parents and my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew.  We had pretty nice weather, actually kind of on the cool side, and our beautiful cabin #10 to stay in.  We definitely don't "rough it" at all up there...it's perfect for this "I love not camping" girl right here.

Some highlights:

Nephew, sister, niece, bro-in-law

And now we're tired of tummy time...with Grandpa!

The fishermen

 Beautiful beach!

Good morning!  (Aren was not pleased to share his blanket with Allie)

This is the resort owner, Bob Dickerson.  Allie loved Bob so much last year that we got her two "I love Bob" shirts for Christmas.  Couldn't leave Aren and Jude out either :)

Aren and Tom fishing...we thought this was so cute.  Black shorts, barefoot, each on their own side.

Bob takes the kids on a hayride each week, and they all get a turn to drive the tractor.  Jude was first since he was the youngest!

It's nice to have a doctor in the family when those little injuries happen.  This one happened to be a deep and infected splinter.  :(

Life's good.  

And it will be good tomorrow, when I have my job back after these four amazing months with my baby boy.  I have been a little emotional about it the past few days and was nearly in a meltdown about it on Sunday night.  I remembered that God gave me the gift of music and the gift of teaching...and according to 1 Peter 4, I am to USE the gifts.  

So thank you, God.  Thank you for giving me gifts... and please grant me peace and strength tomorrow.

Love, Betsy

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