Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DONE!...Now what?

I'm done.

I AM DONE!!  My comprehensive exams, final research paper, all the assignments,  collaborations, discussions, reflections, projects, surveys and blah blah blah... 


In a few short days I can add "MA" to the end of my signature.

Someone asked me a week or so ago when I'd start the coursework for my doctoral degree.





From now on I'll enjoy what I've earned, and when I need renewal credits, look forward to choosing classes that interest me and help me further improve my teaching and/or musicianship.  I've heard there are jazz, theatre and even rock music courses out there.

Morningside won't have a graduation ceremony for this summer's MA graduates until next summer.  Next summer.  Not sure if I can wait that long to get that coveted light blue hood, so I plan on stealing Tom's until I can get my own.  :)

My plans for the rest of the summer, since I have my days back, include:

1.  Spending more time with Tom and Jude.  We have parks to explore and a pool to splash in.

2.  Experimenting with my Canon 60D.  We've had it for 3 years and I'm still kind of pathetic at taking pictures

3.  Training for a half marathon.  Part of me doesn't want to but a bigger part of me DOES

4.  Having a girls' night out (or day out...shopping?) before school begins

5.  Trying and blogging some recipes from Pinterest

6.  Spending a LOT more time in the music studio...my guitars are calling.

7.  Exploring Bob's Guitars in Cedar Falls and maybe bringing home a new Taylor...

So, ready-set-go...one more month of break!

Thanks to all my encouragers and at times, pushers.  Can't believe it's over.  :)

Love, Betsy


  1. Congrats to you. That is such a huge milestone and you definitely had to manage things to get to this point. Yay you! I am looking forward to the Pinterest recipes--I won't lie!!!

    1. Thanks so much friend! How is everything going for you? We miss you!