Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Homestretch

I'm working on the last course of my master's program this summer.

I have a little over a month left before I'm done, and in the time left I have a MOUNTAIN to climb.  On that mountain are half of a huge comprehensive examination, written as a non-cited paper, and the "big one"--my action research project.  My research paper, which is required to be formatted in APA style.

Can we discuss APA for a minute?  WHAT AN ABSOLUTE PAIN IN THE REAR.  It should be called "formatting whichever way your current professor wants it."  I swear.......they all want something different.  I have three APA manuals and they are all slightly varied in the small details of what APA should look like on the page.

APA was the reason I was miserable during my Educational Research class.  APA is the reason for any remaining stress for this last class.  However...my professor this time around has been gracious and helpful, unlike the teacher for Ed Research.  OH gosh.  If you ever want to hear about that experience, come over and sit on the porch with me, we'll talk for an hour or so and you'll learn all about it.  You'll need to wear protective clothing and have some water nearby, because whenever I talk about it, fire shoots out of my ears and mouth.  

I was 7, 8 and 9 months pregnant when I took the course.  I submitted my final paper when Jude was 4 days old.  I may have been a little preoccupied.  But as busy and distracted as I was, the teacher was still terrible.

 Sometimes I wonder if my stress during that class is why Jude had reflux and spit up so much when he was a newborn.

So back to work I go on these final requirements.  Today I must revise the introduction section of the paper and start working on the second half of the comprehensive exam.


Have a wonderful day!

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