Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hello 2018!

Whoa, where am I? 

I didn't forget about this space, I promise.  Life took off in a few different directions and I simply just didn't write.  And that's okay!  Because here I am, more than two years since I've written -- older, wiser, busier, and still loving the Little Kirby World.

A brief update on the important things, as if you didn't already know all of these (thank you social media)...

Since January of 2016:

- We celebrated Jude's second and third birthdays -- coming up on FOUR!  WHAT?!
- We watched (and Tom coached) the Mohawk girls play all the way to the state championship in 2016, which they WON!

- We saw the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2016 (Tom says it was the best year in life for sports)

- We have kept the schedule busy and fun for Betty and the Gents, and for mine and Tom's acoustic duo shows as well

- I picked up a part-time position as a worship leader and director of contemporary worship at Trinity Church
 We welcomed sweet baby James into the family on April 5, 2017!!

It's been busy and fun, and FAST.  Just so fast.

I am bringing the blog back to life in hopes that I will KEEP writing and sharing, even when I feel like I don't have time.  It's worth a little time spent so I can look back and keep memories fresh.

In order for you can keep me accountable, here is my blog to-do list.  I numbered them but have no intention of writing these in that, or any, order.

1.  Jamie's birth story
2.  Kirk
3.  Friendship: a series
4.  Let's Drink Wine and Eat Things

Thanks for reading (again) and much love to you all!


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