Thursday, August 27, 2015

Random Thursday

Tonight I have a few not-too-important ramblings...12, to be exact.

Each of these are somewhat cryptic, and some will be much better suited to a longer blog post of their own.  I don't want to forget my thoughts but I'm too unfocused and busy lately to write... so I'm shortening them.

1.  KINDNESS.  I am amazed by the amount of it around me lately.  It's humbling.  It brings me to tears, honestly.

2.  PARENTING.  Holy buckets of difficulty.  It is not for the faint of heart.  Or the weak-stomached.  Is "stomached" a word?

3.  SCHOOL.  It's here.  I love my job again.  Yes, again.  Last time we had a first day of school, I did not like my job.

4.  SUMMER.  I'm thanking my lucky stars that we have cool weather for the first week of school...summer would be a lot harder to leave behind if it were 80 degrees and sunny.

5.  ICE CREAM.  Just....thank you, Jesus.

6.  RED WINE.  See #5.

7.  HOUSE HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL.  Easily one of my favorite, most-watched shows on TV.  I can't get enough.

8.  MARRIAGE.  I married up.

9.  NIGHT TERRORS.  They happen (to me) and they suck.

10.  BOOKS.  Thankfully, I have a stack of fantastic Christian fictions next to my bed and whenever I get freaked, I read.  Instant peace.

11.  BATH AND BODY WORKS.  The hand soap and plug-in air fresheners.  Amen.

12.  1-YEAR-OLDS.  Because this:



  1. I love this post. Every single number. Thanks for making me smile this morning. A lot.

  2. I love this too! I agree on parenting, ice cream, marriage, bath & body works, and one year olds, but that's just because I ADORE Jude!! Hugs!