Sunday, April 26, 2015

finding my memory

Thanks to that app called "Timehop," I am able to see my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts from this day a year ago.  And two, and three, and four and five years ago.  It's pretty awesome.  It's a tiny little flashback to look forward to each day.  

Tonight I got curious and wanted to see more of this day, one year ago.  I took to iPhoto.

Oh, man.  The memories come flying right back.  Jude was 9 days old and I was clearly still in that newborn "fog."  Still adjusting, still in some pain (but healing) from birth, exhausted, and completely in love and obsessed with that little miracle of a human being in my arms.

We were still living in our old place at the time...our sweet little treasure-box house.  My great-grandmother's china hutch was stuffed into the corner to give us as much space as possible for more important know, the floor gym and bouncy seat and swing. 

My hair, which was most likely unwashed, was twisted into one of those blobs that you only wear because there isn't any chance you'll be leaving the house that day.  I'd forgotten what makeup was and I was most likely sweaty (Who knew that sweating a lot after you have a baby is a thing?  I sure didn't).  I lived in yoga pants and nursing tanks, along with that gray sweatshirt robe that Mom got me for Christmas.  The yellow notepad on the arm of the couch was for recording Jude's feedings.  The blue chevron water cup never left my side.

The leopard-print snuggie was for the long, dark, quiet and lonely nights when Jude was wide awake and all he wanted was to be by his mommy.  When it was calm or softly raining outside I'd open the windows, and the boy and I would get all wrapped up together.  Oh, how precious.  The memory is so close I can feel it.  I truly treasured those moments and now I wish I could take one of them back and re-live it., one year later, I'll go to bed and sleep through the night.  AMEN!!!


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  1. I love Timehop too. I don't always share them on social media but it is fun to look back and find those memories! What a fun "Timehop" from a year ago for you.