Friday, February 13, 2015

He's nearly 10 months

Baby Jude will be 10 months old on February 17 (!!!) and I can't believe it.  Hand me a tissue and play some sappy music while I have myself a good bawl about my baby turning into a little boy right before our eyes.

I've been teased for being sentimental about Jude growing up so fast, so let me defend myself.  It is more than simple sentiment.  Surely, every mother understands this.

I am not upset about it.  I am thrilled, proud, and excited that he is healthy and thriving, hitting every milestone and growing like a weed.

However...what makes me cry is that his baby days are all I know of him.  I can't see into his future.  What we've lived for 9 and a half months is what I know and treasure.  I love him so dearly and hold the memories so close to my heart that it is--yes, SAD--to see those stages fade away into nothing but photographs.

For 9 months he was a part of my body.  There's a part of me crawling around in the world.  My very heart, out there becoming a little man.

He has a squeaky giggle, and he lights up when Daddy walks into the room.  I can't get enough of his cuddles even at 3 am.  His hair is wild and fuzzy...I refuse to cut it.

Loves: ALL baby food, puffs, popcorn, rice biscuits, milk, and the soft-serve ice cream that Grandpa Rich fed him at the Timberwolves game.  Bathtime, books, his Harrod's teddy bear from London, knocking over towers of blocks, his binky, playing his drum and xylophone. 

Hates: getting out of the bath, the nose bulb syringe, having Mommy walk out of the room... it's hard to think of anything else!  He's a very content and happy baby.

Here are his 9-month pictures, snapped by the always-brilliant Jeanne Hansen:

I love you, baby Jude Thomas.

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